Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Incredible power saving skylighting that ELIMINATES SHADOWS AND GLARE

DOWNLOAD a comprehensive Suntuf info pack with MSD sheets

DOWNLOAD a comprehensive Suntuf Diffused Skylighting info pack


Your long-term solution for quality natural lighting with a


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Suntuf Diffused Skylighting is manufactured and supplied to conform to the New Zealand Building Regulations when installed according to PSP Translucent Roofing instructions

Natural Daylighting - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Natural Daylighting

Introducing natural light into the building means artificial lighting can be turned off or minimised, which can greatly reduce the cooling load (two of the highest energy uses in a building are lighting and HVAC). The unique material composition of Suntuf Diffused Skylighting allows 100% diffusion of light particles, resulting in no glare and shadows, yet allowing an outstanding 85% light transmission into the building interior.

Fire Resistant - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Fire Resistant

New Zealand's UV light intensity plays a big part in the decline of Fiberglass panel lighting over time. NIWA research indicates over summer UV Index figures can regularly exceed 13, on a scale usually ranking from 1-10, even in southern NZ where UV is less intense. A recent study indicates NZ's UV levels at their peak are 40% greater than at similar latitudes in the United States.
Early installations of clear Fiberglass lacked UV resistance, and many are reaching the end of their useful life. They start to lose its light transparency (generally three years after installation at a rate of 4% every year after that).

Design Flexibility - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Design Flexibility

Suntuf Diffused Skylighting Polycarbonate sheets are available up to 9m to ensure the suitability for large sheds, barns and commercial applications. With a large range of standard profiles ensuring it will fit with the buildings overall design.

Longevity - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting


To reflect the strength and premium quality of Suntuf Diffused Skylighting, the warranty has been extended to cover 25 years loss of light transmission and 20 years breakage for hail damage. Suntuf Diffused Skylighting Polycarbonate Sheeting meets the NZBC Durability requirements, which is necessary for most commercial applications. No other product in the market offers this level of guaranteed resistance.

Design Configurations - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Design Configurations

Suntuf Diffused Skylighting matches the profile of your metal roofing and wall sheets, it can be used as single or multiple panels in roofs or as side lights in walls.

Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

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