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Glare free Skylighting

Save thousands a year on power

Glare free lighting is more often than not overlooked in workplaces. Some people are particularly sensitive to glare and with prolonged exposure, like staring at a computer screen all day, glare can cause eyestrain and tiredness – exactly what you don’t need or want if you’re working in an environment that requires 100% of your attention and focus.?

The lighter your eye-colour, the more prone you are to experience sight-issues from glare.
Humans receive 80 – 85% of all information via our eyes.
Research suggests glare from sunlight (whether it’s through glass, plastic, or in open air) can cause an increased risk of cataracts and other more serious sight problems.

Glare and sunstrike are major causes for injuries in the workplace in New Zealand.
The EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority – a government organisation in NZ) outline clearly on their website ( the appropriate levels of light required in workplaces to ensure sight fatigue and workplace accidents are minimised.

There are various mobile phone apps that can give you relatively accurate Lux-meter light readings. You can also hire Lux-metres to check your workplace lighting levels. It’s something that is overlooked often, but checking lighting levels can have a major effect on productivity in the workplace.
The EECA suggests the ideal lighting levels in the most productive areas of businesses are as follows:

Corporate workplaces: 320 lux
Warehouses, sheds, workshops, walkways: 240 lux

The most effective way to reduce glare in the work-place is to use diffused lighting.
This can be natural lighting (diffused skylighting) or unnatural (diffusing lightbulbs.)
Suntuf diffused skylighting is the ultimate all-in-one lighting solution.
On a molecular level it has inbuilt diffusing antiglare molecules that act just like the diffusion coating on diffusing lightbulbs – eliminating shadows, glare and increasing productivity.

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